A beer obsession: Ode to Colorado.


I love Colorado. The mountains, the fresh air, the hippies. And as this photo may hint, the beer, craft brewed. Especially that which, as the 400 Pound Monkey illustrates, graphically inspire. “Ready to buck convention?” says Odell’s India Pale Ale. Whenever a European scoffs at an American beer, Budweiser (usually the only exported choice) in hand, Colorado is where he/she needs to go.

Home of 140 breweries, and more abrewing up constantly, Colorado is colorful with bold and new flavors, hearty hops, and some sassy quips to further define its character. I’m already looking forward to going back.

Top 5 Craft Breweries

1. New Belgium Brewing (of Fat Tire fame)
2. Odell Brewing Co. (of possibly known 90 Shilling relation)
3. Great Divide Brewing (I don’t know, try it!)
4. Left Hand Brewing (Responsible for the 400 Pound Monkey)
5. Avery Brewing (Need more research)

You’ll find in-house only brews and high-alcohol percentage pushers. Plus, if you tour, not just sip outside, you get more beer in the form of samples, as you learn to talk the brew talk.

Beyond the beer, I enjoyed seeing old friends, meeting new ones, climbing fear-evoking tall rocks, tubing and charred marshmallows while camping.

Colorado, I love you.



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