De-snobbed: Wine words & books

See, I love wine.

More than the state of Colorado (see blog post to right), I love wine. It’s a statement so mainstream I need not explain. Except with this declaration, I must bear the weight of the vinophiles. Can I gargle and spit my stuff? The pressure to swirl, recite vintage wines, describe bouquets and suss out a bottle’s tannins can be overwhelming, if not foreign and exhausting.

Rather than feel intimated and bow out. “I know nothing about wine.” I’m challenged; the time has come to cement my vinophile yearnings.

In doing so, I’ve staked out a rigorous course ahead. My first step, to push past the glowing bottles of red, white and pink (rightfully difficult) and pick up my first book of wine speak, “Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine.” As Amazon’s reviews foretold, it’s packed with helpful hints aimed at people just like me, wine-o wannabes. It’s not mind-numbing to read either, but easy to learn and hopefully, pour more with knowing pleasure.

You’ll be hearing more.

(Another empty glass of wine, this time in Granada, Spain)


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