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High altitude–Madrid escapes

De Madrid al cielo” say Madrileños, (from Madrid to heaven).

As Hemingway declared it, “the most Spanish of all cities.” Or bolder still, “The Capital of the World.”*

But I confess, I always need to leave it. At least for a quick day trip to its surrounding mountains or relatively sleepy villages. Or, both. The very features that get lost in the swirl of Madrid: unmissable engagements, the sloshing of too many copas and equally absorbing music that can’t be ignored.

Yet from the Moncloa bus station, if ambition strikes you, 50 minutes on a eco-improved bus takes that idea into fruition. And you can still enjoy those Sunday afternoon cañas in La Latina when you return.



Because “The Sun Also Rises.”

How to get there: Take a bus to Cercedilla from Isla 2 in the Moncloa bus station. Look at the bus map (Destination: Cercedilla) for the specific number.

Options: Hiking endless routes in Madrid’s option-loaded sierra.

*According to the New York Times travel piece: Blood, Sand, Sherry: Hemingway’s Madrid.


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