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Sunday escapes–medieval villages

Fog obscured the highway, the winding roads, and on arrival, the village itself. For 1,089 people, this is home. Pastrana, 45 kilometers south of Guadalajara, is another example of Spain’s ancient, medieval past.

Here, you can visit a wonderfully restored convent, church, and stroll the maze of medieval residencies. While hiding from the cold, I tried the traditional migas, breadcrumbs deliciously served with chorizo and surprise, grapes!

Interesting detail: The Convento de Carmen (as aforementioned simply as convent) contains one of Spain’s best collections of stuffed species. On request por La Orden Franciscana, an array of exotic birds, crocodiles, sharks, seashells and even two civets (the animal responsible for creating the world’s most expensive coffee bean) fill the upstairs of the Convent. The collection of Filipino rarities attests to Spain’s vast empire. So vast, from Asia to America, the sun never set.

DSC_1568 DSC_1556 DSC_1538 DSC_1560 DSC_1478 DSC_1495


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