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Staying focused: ps actions.

That refreshing newness of the new year gone? It can be disappointingly fleeting. Even in Madrid, the lull of February forcibly arrives with its stinging chill. And, as anywhere, the daily business of life can bog you down. Dreams become murky.

Are they worth the effort? Is it realistic?

In reverence to our new-year-selves, I’m creating an oath here. To you, to me: February is going to be full of challenge.

First up on my planned to-do: learn the in-and-outs of Photoshop. I don’t intend to learn all the magic of the software, but I want to harness a small spark of its power. In the next post, I’ll be sharing my first homemade action. Until then, here’s my short list. It’s both whimsical and honest.



What are yours?

Photo taken in Ibiza, Spain, one of the Balearic Islands, the sun was strong and the sky intensely blue.

*I don’t intend to become a yogi, however, I do intend to practice yoga regularly. period.

**Accidentally forgotten in Photoshop mode: READ HEMINGWAY.


2 thoughts on “Staying focused: ps actions.

  1. Anna-We just finished a meal and delightful 4-hour visit with your Mom and Dad and Kelsey. I am envious of their trip to Spain coming up in May/June. It sounds wonderful.
    As a amateur photography, I love seeing your photos. Take care and I will be looking for some more pictures of your travels alone and with you family. Susan Seitz

  2. Thanks! Kelsey told me about the visit; she said it was equally delightful. I am really excited to finally host my parents and sister here, it’ll be nice to show off Spain’s wonderful food. Unfortunately I’ll be leaving at the end of June or I’d suggest you pay a visit as well!

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