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Into the flames

The Matadero is a concept and complex that struck, for me, the chord so many utter, “I want to live in Madrid.” It’s an old slaughterhouse that the Ayuntamiento de Madrid has transformed into a contemporary art space.


Inside the main exhibit hall, a vision of flames and hell.

It’s modern, inventive and evocative; its past resonates with its environs. Inside the main exhibit hall, the industrial feel of an animal termination zone bolsters the visibly loud statements of art.

Beyond the exhibit hall is another, plus, a cineteca (independent films only!) with a cantina, a theatre, Red Bull recording studios, offices, work spaces, and more.  It’s utilitarian and stylish now.

DSC_1672 DSC_1856 DSC_1638 DSC_1686DSC_1903

Address: Paseo de la Chopera, 14, Madrid



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