Madrid / Photography

With hesitation, I present the selfy.

I’ve avoided selfies (self-portraits) since MySpace created the bathroom flash generation. Why? It simply felt vain.

Yet, in the era of self-promoting social media sites, selfies have lost their sting. In fact, they’re demanded, or at least a close shot portrait is. And in traveling, I don’t always have someone to step behind the camera.

Thus, here I am, on a Thursday afternoon, pandering. Call them selfies, I prefer the name experimentation.


Shot with Nikon’s on-camera flash and a long exposure (2-5 seconds). The effect is akin to a multiple exposure image, but with little personal control. Taken at the Matadero. My advice: vary the exposure and whip it if you want.

To note, these colors are not manipulated via Photoshop. The vibrant pink comes from the nighttime glow of the Matadero. If you live in Madrid, go check it out. Further advice, I’d suggest smiling more.


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