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Madrid in Analog, 5 lessons to heed.


Here it is, my first experiment in analog photography. It surprised me, confused me and if I’m honest, disappointed me. The latter being a simple confession of a beginner’s tribulations. That’s the power of analog, you never know what you’ll get. As each roll personally heeds, “Don’t think, just shoot!”

Thus, my recourse to future analog-ers out there:


A behind-the-scenes shot of analog in action. Even more pertinent, this image gives evidence to the distortion that analog can create. Aim close! Photo credit: James Stiles

1. Use flash!

If you don’t have a steady hand (admitted coffee addict here), or a tripod, off-camera flash is your friend in low light.

>Add the jelly strips of color to create even more oddity. Below, this horse during Spain’s Carnival celebration was flashed with pink.


2. Double expose!

If chaotic confusion is your aim for analog, indulge here.

>My advice to make this more evident is to place the desired image of the second exposure in the dark empty space of your first image. Picture two, the princess admired in the sunglasses, illustrates this idea best.

Image 1: The RAVE second-hand market in Market (more to come soon!). Image 2: Carnival in Toledo. Image 3: Window shopping in Spain.


3. Frame for less!

A camera made of plastic is flashy, sure, and snarky, too. This unpredictability means that your frame view from the camera to the print will be downsized.

>Stand back if you want your message to be heard (or read).

Image 1: No Art Street, Barrio Lavapies. Image 2: Carnival in Toledo take 3.

224507 224415

4. Don’t think!

Sometimes this or that will happen.

>Go with it! An unexplained flare can make an image that much more wow-ah. Or not. But in analog, you can’t do anything about it, so…go with it!


5. Utilize your setting!

My friend looks like a martian. This is strange, indeed. Is it perfect? Certainly not, but this eery result could only be replicated with the fine work of a Photoshop expert, and who wants to do that?

>Now is the time to get weird! Do something different you’d never try with your bulky SLR camera, or iPhone 5.

It’s analog time.


Any other suggestions? I’m happy to heed more! Photos taken with Lomography’s Diana F+.




2 thoughts on “Madrid in Analog, 5 lessons to heed.

  1. my tip for the beginners would be: sun is your best friend. try shooting first in the sunshine, it’s the easiest thing in the world when you don’t have to think about any settings at all, and then when your camera starts to feel like you’ve know it for a while try it with more challenging light conditions

    • Thanks! You’re exactly right. I took my first roll without light and the result wasn’t Lomography’s best. I’m looking forward to the time when I know my camera like my digital SLR!

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