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Much more than an aqueduct, medieval merits of Segovia

Spurred by Hola Yessica’s latest blog post, “Where in Spain Wednesday“, I’m posting more on this enchanting city, Segovia.

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Famous for its Roman aqueduct, a sprawling 15 kilometers of stone, Segovia is a must visit for any Madrileño. With its neighborly proximity, one hour by bus, it also leaves few excuses for any traveler as well.

Need more reasons to visit, explore and eat? Read and look on.


Climb the storied steps to Segovia’s city wall and look out. A beautiful sierra encircles Segovia and its medieval environs. You can see how the new and old mingles together in this provincial jewel in Castilla y León.


Gaze at humanity’s architectural feats as you wind around the ancient walls. Following this path leads wanderers to Segovia’s main plaza, Cathedral, and historic heart.


Textured homes appear to be the norm here. It’s a detail that Madrid has little of and I love it.


My advice, order a thick, rich cup of hot chocolate from one of the plaza’s many terrazas and admire the city’s cathedral and city hall. It’s a chance to soak up Segovia’s sun. In Castilla y León, a chilly air should be expected, the sierra effect.


Note the strangeness, or ahem, uniqueness of local affairs. As we enjoyed said hot chocolate, a troupe of Spaniards strolled by, all cloaked in black capes. Moments later, a group of women dressed in traditional flocks began a folkloric jig.


Not to be belittled, this castle astounds. Rumored to be the inspiration behind Disney’s park version, it’s worth the short walk outside the city’s center. From its surrounding vistas, the region takes form. Winding roads lead to other villages and stories of old.


Within the city you can visit many more churches, cafes and restaurants. If you’re going to eat one thing, make it Segovia’s most famous dish, cochinillo.


My must: Walk around the old city walls. The rewards are immense. Beside the views and natural respite (Madrileña speaking), you can find perfect picnic spots, for travelers, like me, with a need to budget.



2 thoughts on “Much more than an aqueduct, medieval merits of Segovia

  1. Thanks for the mention! These are beautiful photos, and it looks like you got pretty nice weather too. I got to chat to one of the men wearing those capes, and it’s so interesting. His very traditional cape was covered in very modern motorcycle pins.

    • That sun is misleading. It was still quite cold. It was one of those fall days in Castilla y León that you think, winter is coming. Traditional capes and modern motorcycle pins, of course! jaja

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