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For ham high up, see Spain’s Sierra Nevada

At 1,486 meters, Spain’s tallest village, Trevélez stands tall. Its bulk, painted white, is a postcard image of Spain’s South. Houses stack upon houses on the incredible mountainous slope. Not far off, Spain’s tallest peak rises.


Originally, I went to hike. I had wanted to step inside Granada’s Sierra Nevada since living in its provisional neighbor, Jaén, just a year prior. But as the title foretold, my resounding memory consists of ham. That delicious, succulent, cured variety. And unfortunately, as the weather was, rain.


Through the various winding rows of white washed houses that line Trevélez, the words “Jamón curado” is as commonplace as calle, which means street. The smell of curing ham fills the mountain air and legs of ham dangle from floor to ceiling. It’s because of the chill that trucks loaded with legs climb the steep, winding roads to get here. The environment bodes an almost perfect atmosphere to cure one of Spain’s finest culinary contributions, jamón serrano.

DSC_1632 DSC_1573 DSC_1549 DSC_1576 DSC_1537

Come hungry, you can’t go wrong here; the city’s symbol monument is a ham leg.

Pictured above, dried peas drizzled in extra virgin olive oil, topped with an egg, and piled on local cured ham.

¡Buen provecho!


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