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Cozy Córdoba, a visit down South

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Córdoba, Spain. Once the greatest civilized city of medieval Europe, Córdoba is now as quaint and charming as Andalucía gets, especially, on a sunny, spring day.

What to visit? The old Jewish neighborhood is a maze of narrow streets that branch off from La Mezquita, Córdoba’s most revered architectural jewel. Its red and white striped arches are a symbol throughout the city. From here, there are tapas to savor, flowers to smell, and the gardens of Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos (a former royal palace) to explore.

The best time to visit? Córdoba opens its patios to visitors during the first two weeks of May. The white washed walls are cloaked by vibrant colors of flowers, pink, yellow, red and orange. Be warned, this also brings bus loads of others.

Don’t forget to walk across the old Roman bridge, at night, Córdoba shines beautifully.

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9 thoughts on “Cozy Córdoba, a visit down South

  1. Oh your photos make me want to go back to Cordoba! I went to visit the patios in May 2 years ago, and we were luckily blessed with gorgeous sunshine – I took like 500 photos in a day! I just adopt the ‘señora’ approach, and elbow people out the way.

      • It does make you feel betters, but I have to admit, it’s a slippery slope from elbowing to full out slapping. My boyfriend practically had to restrain me from letting loose on a smug señora in the butchers this morning who cut the queue.

      • Oh, the classic señora mistake, thinking she can bypass any foreigner in line! I have several strategies for this. Usually it’s the stare down that wins.

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