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Inside Madrid–Los Chuchis in Lavapiés

 Inside Madrid is a new feature of Cut the Kitsch. Featuring Madrid’s traditional and modern enterprises and the people who frequent them.


Deep in Lavapiés, Madrid’s multicultural neighborhood, you can find an untraditional Spain. On Calle Amparo, there’s a Turkish Cafe, a nondescript mosque, and now, a British cafe restaurant. Even in the brightly colored neighborhood, this place stands out.

Los Chuchis is the name. It’s heavily English inspired menu may give caution to some Spaniards, but according to all the reviews I’ve read, it stands to refute Spain’s negatively-held stereotypes. It even serves with a healthier twist. Moreover, you know it should be good; Los Chuchis’ chef, Scott Preston, has experience working in some of London’s finest restaurants.

DSC_2047DSC_1954DSC_2043DSC_2054DSC_1984     DSC_1914

Highly recommended are the English sausages with mustard, as is the very English slow roasted pork. Be warned, it’s advised to make reservations ahead, the Spanish like it too.

Los Chuchis.

Amparo, 82, Madrid. Open Tuesday to Friday, 11:00 to 12:30. Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 to 12:30.

<M> Lavapiés

Their menu del día hits at 10 euros.


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