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Liebster Award, thanks!

Thank you for the Liebster Award!

Check out my tagger, (Pre) Concept, and her beautiful travel photography. Thank you!


The rules of the Liebster Award:

  • When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!

To begin, 11 random facts about me. Here it goes!

  1. The first time I left the U.S. I was 19 and I lived in Okinawa, Japan. If you ever wondered, yes, sushi is better in Japan. Unbelievably so!
  2. While I was living in China, I rode an ostrich. See the photo below for evidence.
  3. I have an unhealthy obsession with Greek yogurt. When I lived in China, this became a problem.
  4. I wish I had studied (some) graphic design in university.
  5. My family is currently stretched across three continents: The United States, Spain, New Zealand.
  6. I’ve eaten seasoned scorpions on a stick. It’s really crunchy.
  7. I’m actually from a small village of 200 in the state of Iowa.
  8. I had imagined myself as a big city person, after six months in Madrid, I’m not sure.
  9. I love roadtrips; I hate driving.
  10. I used to be able to write 100+ characters from memory in Mandarin, now it’s about two.
  11. The fear I want to face in 2013, learn to scuba dive.


This will never happen again.

(Pre) Concept’s questions:

  1. If you had to choose 3 countries where you see yourself living what would they be?   –Starting with a difficult one! I’d choose: Sweden, Chile, United States/New Zealand. The last is a draw. It it cheating?
  2. Do you prefer coffee or tea?   —Coffee! However, I did write for California Tea House’s blog for several months and found good tea can be equally delicious and complex. Still, Madrid has only furthered my dependence on the former!
  3. What’s your favourite song when you’re traveling?   —When I was hiking to Everest Base Camp, “On the Road Again,” by Willie Nelson, never left my head. We hiked for 10 straight days. At one point, I was mocked by some passing Nepalese for my inability to sing on tune. This only cemented this song as a favorite.
  4. If you had to recommend one book, what would that be?   —I just finished reading The Great Gabsy. As the movie is coming out soon, this is the one! The imagery of the roaring 1920s is best described by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
  5. What is your favourite cuisine around the world?   —Mexican! Spice is lacking in Spanish cuisine, if I’m honest. (Note, I still love Spanish cuisine. I can’t emphasize enough how much I’ll miss that jamón). 
  6. What are the five things you would never leave home, if you were going on a big trip?   —My Nikon dSLR, an Ipod, a big journal, a favorite dress for feeling pretty, and a travel book to absorb myself in. 
  7. Do you prefer the countryside or a big city?   —To visit, the countryside! To live, a medium-sized city, which is not an option, I know…
  8. Which city would you recommend me to visit and why?   —Valparaiso, Chile. Like a South American San Fran, Valpo (as many call it) is artsy, edgy and right by the sea. In 2009, I studied in Santiago de Chile; I’m still searching for ways to return! 
  9. What is the best thing about the place you live in?   —The best part about Madrid: the energy. There’s always something going on here, or something to do! It’s certainly an electric city, except during siesta…
  10. Why did you decide to write a blog?   —I wanted to connect to the travel community of the world! 
  11. If could only eat one thing forever what would that be?   —Greek yogurt! As mentioned before, my unhealthy obsession.


Chile, my favorite country, thus far.

In no particular order, my chain will now extend to…

  1. Never Leave Here
  2. Hola Yessica!
  3. Izzi365
  4. Michelle’s Peace Tour on a Shoestring Budget 
  5. The Journey is the Destination
  6. Pramudiya 
  7. pinky binks
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  11. Emily Luxton 

And my 11 questions for them:

  1. If money wasn’t a question, what would you do?
  2. Who inspires you the most?
  3. What’s your drink to order at a bar?
  4. If you could move somewhere new tomorrow, where would you go? Why?
  5. Name something off your “bucketlist.”  You know you have at least one.
  6. What is your favorite part of living where you are?
  7. What’s your 2013 travel fantasy?
  8. What’s your mantra of life?
  9. What terrifies you the most?
  10. For all those Spain bloggers, what’s your favorite place in Spain? Why? Or, if you haven’t been, where would you most like to go?
  11. What would you choose as your last meal?




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