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Lisbon, the city I dream about.

I’ve always slated Lisbon as one of my favorite cities in Europe. Here’s why.

(Photo series part one: Semana Santa 2013)

DSC_0855DSC_0934 DSC_0899 DSC_0908 DSC_0964 CSC_0990DSC_1068 DSC_0845DSC_0652 DSC_0783DSC_0859DSC_0847

The first time I came to Lisbon, I was enchanted. Its fading colors, cracking paint, and continuous tiles had me clicking my camera until I left. It was my European city, a bit abandoned perhaps, but loved by me.

Now that I live in Spain’s capital city rather than a small city in Andalucía, my perspective on Lisbon has changed slightly. I still love the city, especially its winding (and sometimes impossible) hills, but I felt this constant nagging bias. As far as European capitals go, Madrid may be my favorite. Biased preference? Most definitely.

Still, I love Lisbon. Photo series, part two, to come tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Lisbon, the city I dream about.

  1. I live in Lisbon and I am still enchanted by its colours and its life everyday. I’ve visited a lot of european cities and still can’t find such a beautiful place. I am very curious, though, about Istanbul, that i haven’t visited yet..
    Loved your pictures

  2. I’m yet to visit Lisbon, but it looks fantastic! I think my favourite European cities are Barcelona and Rome. Madrid is a great city, the atmosphere was brilliant when I visited. I bet it is an exciting place to live!

    • Lisbon is a photographer’s dream. The textures, tiles and hills make it one of my favorites!

      I always say, Madrid is great to live in, Barcelona is great to visit!

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