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Lisbon, part two, a never ending string of photos.

Lisbon, as I said before, is one of my favorite European cities. In the blinding sun (in February), you can see why. Part two continued.

Warning! I packed a lot into this post.

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My top 5 Lisbon list.

1. San Jorge Castle Sunset–The view unfolds over some of Lisbon’s greatest, the National Pantheon, and a sea of red tiled roofs. Afterwards wind through Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood, Alfama, and get lost for a bit.

2. Sintra–Take the train out of Lisbon and enter a world filled with castles that snake up along the increasingly steep hill.

3. Ride a bike along Lisbon’s waterway–I didn’t do this, but it sounds incredibly delightful. Instead, I ran along. It was flat (unlike most of the city) and scenic.

4. Feira Da Ladra, or Thieves Market–This bargain ’til you drop market is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The action starts every Saturday and Tuesday, from dawn to dusk.

5. Chapito–This former women’s prison, turned circus school, is too hip to be left unnamed. The bar downstairs boasts bookcases and dental chairs. We went for live music and stayed extra long for the glasses of Portuguese wine and port.

Now, to only find a moment to head up north! Oporto is next on my hit list.


4 thoughts on “Lisbon, part two, a never ending string of photos.

  1. Love these photos – it’s weird seeing another’s take on a familiar view/photo. Is one taken from the lift? We have a shot of the stack of red-roofed houses below the castle. Simply lovely.

    And Sintra and San Jorge Castle are one of the best days out, we think. The beating sun, the cats, scuttling along the ramparts….

  2. Thanks! I agree, it’s always strange to see a similar viewpoint captured slightly different. I think that’s why I love travel photography so much. That photo is indeed from the lift! Did you make it to Cascais? I’ve heard mixed reviews.

    • Have you been to Oporto? Recently, I’ve heard others tell me that they like it better!

      The shaker is indeed filled with cinnamon! Personally though, I love to add a dash of nutmeg to my coffee. 🙂

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