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Confessions: my first Spanish love


As I reminisce over my last two years spent in Spain, and its abrupt end (within 30 days), I wanted to wrap up my emotions with this post. It’s dedicated to my first Spanish love, the city of Granada.

With its flirty bohemian spirit, Granada lures many to it. Students, hippies, circus freaks (I did see one), gypsies and travelers.

It could be the Moorish palace (a.k.a the Alhambra) elegantly framed by the Sierra Nevada, or the haunting spirit of the city’s famous poet named Lorca, the myriad of Andalusian-inspired architecture, or the calf-burning hills of the Albayzín (Granada’s oldest neighborhood). Whichever anecdote it may be, each trip (a personal tally of 5) created its own mark.

Naturally, I fell hard.

DSC_0331DSC_0311DSC_0254 DSC_0247 DSC_0292DSC_0088

DSC_2176 DSC_2175DSC_1970



>See the Alhambra during the day & night. If you’re here now (re: peak summer), book in advance! I don’t think I could stress this enough. The true glittering glory of the Albayzín at night shouldn’t be missed.

> Discover the nooks and crannies of Granada. The rewards are evident (cute dogs, refreshing sangria, flourishing flowers).

> Walk some more. Granada is a small city. Keep exploring. Many times music follows.

Other options:

> Hike the Sierra Nevada (seek out its jamón).

> Tapa crawl through the city.

> Toast to your first love at sunset at El mirador de San Nicolás (Bill Clinton’s favorite spot). Coupled with a hearty glass of Rioja, it’s my favorite, too.

What’s your favorite Spanish city? If it weren’t for the (almost constant) rain, I may have opted for a tie with the Basque Country’s food capital, San Sebastián.



10 thoughts on “Confessions: my first Spanish love

  1. Beautiful photos! My 2 years just ended… and not sure what’s next! Home in the SF Bay for now! Hope your transition is a positive one!

    • Oh and I fell in love with San Sebastian this year too! I hope to live there one day, even if only for a year. After a year in gloomy/rainy Vitoria- Gasteiz an hour and half south of SS, I’ve learned I need my sunshine… but a year, I may just be able to aguantar!

      • It is beautiful. Feel lucky to be able to call this area home! Figuring out what comes next! Want to keep pursuing my love of Food Education/policy/health… Where are you based?

      • Indeed!

        Your twenties, it’s such a scary, but exciting time! Food education/policy/health–all great passions to pursue in the Bay Area! Best of luck! And of course, keep blogging about it. 😉

      • Oh, I’m currently in Madrid until Friday! And then, it’ll be Turkey, Greece, and finally Peru! I’m doing two work exchanges for the summer. Afterward, I’ll be working in Peru for six months. It’s overwhelming me a bit at the moment!

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