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Traveling smart (through an iPhone) in Spain

At 25, I still don’t have a smartphone.

It’s alarming to some, astonishing to others, and truly a first-world problem to all. For me, it’s something that just “sort of happened”.

After a stint in Chile to China to Spain, I couldn’t rationalize the purchase, especially with my constantly changing zip code. In my head, it was simple. Travel over accessibility.  In the name of frugality, I was content with staying in the technologic realm of 1996. Simple texting and emergency phone calls only, Facebook chat (while connected to wi-fi at home) could suffice.

Thanks to my visiting sister, I had a chance to use an iPhone. I was overjoyed (to say the least) in documenting the everyday moments of life in Madrid, and our travels further afield to Asturias, Burgos, and other small stops along the way, like Medina del Campo (see first photo) and Lerma, a small town that contains SEVEN monasteries in Castilla León.

Per schedule,  I’m moving to Turkey this summer (yes, I’ve been reading the news) and then later to Peru this fall. The dilemma rises again. Do I invest in one?

Until I make the leap (this year or before I turn 30), I’ve been enjoying my family’s stay here in Spain and duly documenting it with the iPhone’s ease, as well as with my trusted (& higher resolution) dSLR. As tribute, I’m posting a few photos here.

Editing app: Camera Plus Pro

Warning! I may have overdone it in a few cases.

IMG_0794 IMG_0869 IMG_1003IMG_0973IMG_1175 IMG_1199 IMG_1271 IMG_1265IMG_1276IMG_1377 IMG_1050 IMG_1192 IMG_1187 IMG_1183 IMG_1472 IMG_1545IMG_1435IMG_1579

I’m curious, especially for those living abroad, do you have any recommendations for a smartphone that is relatively cheap, but also comes with a decent lens and app availability?

I miss the 21st century life.


10 thoughts on “Traveling smart (through an iPhone) in Spain

  1. I am exactly like you. I can’t justify buying a smart phone when I am constantly moving. It would be too much of a hassle getting it unlocked and paying for it when I am earning peanuts. I am saving it for when I get a permanent job. As far as Spain goes, there are some pretty cheap ones I have seen in Phone House, that are only about 100 euros, but I don’t know what the contract would be like.

  2. Wow, you took all of these with an iPhone?? I’m blown away!!

    I don’t have a smart phone either, but all my Spanish friends are obsessed with Whats App and have been pushing me to get one so I don’t get left out of things. I think sooner rather than later I’m going to have to get one.

    • The lens on the iPhone has greatly improved; it’s impressive! As for a smartphone, I just broke down! I am now a proud owner of an second-hand Android.

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