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Marrakech Memories: Unsatisfying in the Sahara


After writing one of my favorite posts yet, WordPress failed to present my saved draft to me. Frustration is grating my writing mind. Thus, for now, I’m posting this. It’s a blur of photos that came with a thorough explanation as to why I found the Sahara disappointing. It speaks of tours, the hustle of finding said tour in Marrakesh and the tortuous hours on a narrow mountain road to get there. Also, as to why I’d still recommend it, if you’re short on time and preparation.

DSC_1124 DSC_1511 DSC_1288 DSC_1270 DSC_1449 DSC_1419 DSC_1354 DSC_1534 DSC_0151_2 DSC_0118DSC_0150

*Blogger Note: It appears as if my recently uploaded photos have no sharpness to them. What happened to the resolution on WordPress? Does anyone have any tips or hints?


6 thoughts on “Marrakech Memories: Unsatisfying in the Sahara

  1. I love that photograph of the blurred camels in the darkness. And all of the other ones. And the ones in all of your other posts.

    Um, but especially that blurred camel one.

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