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The future, it’s undoubtably mixed

The count is clear; two days remain.


My mind is muddled. An overwhelming flood of changes are about to occur.

However, first, I’m heading to La Rioja for the battle of wine! Afterward, I want to discover Cataluña beyond its capital. Perhaps enjoying some vermouth from the source? Then, finally, Turkey. I’m traveling solo, confident, and yet so anxious. The future, which always seemed so distant, is here. I’m excited, certainly, but as expected, I’m awash with tears. Two years in Spain isn’t short.

It’s a choice I made for myself; I yearned for it. Change! Of course, despite all these evident feelings, my emotions are jumbled, just like my directions. To Turkey, to Peru.

What remains is that feeling that anything is possible. Nothing is predictable. Exactly the way life should be, right?

My stomach is at unease, like me. I’m apprehensive and excited. The “future” is here.

It’s not adiós, they say, it’s hasta luego.



(#1) My family crossing underneath the highway in Castilla León to ask about a map and avoid the inevitable (getting lost). It happened anyway.

(#2) Sipping wine in Tuscany on my recent trip with Play your Tuscany!

Lastly, a photo of Madrid, that place I called home.


Stories from Tuscany will be posted soon! My thoughts on the first day are due in just two days! Links will be posted, but not overdone. (I hope!)


4 thoughts on “The future, it’s undoubtably mixed

  1. My boyfriend’s dad was saying the same thing about hasta luego and adios. It made me feel a little bit better about leaving. I love this post. I am having the same feelings about the future being unknown, but I have realized that nothing is permanent, and no matter what happens, I will be doing something exciting 🙂 Good luck on your journey!

    • Times of change are always difficult, but exciting as well! You’re exactly right. I’m happy you stopped by to post this. 🙂 And likewise, good luck in the future! It’s going to be good.

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