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Esilio in Italian, the fate of Napoleon on Elba Island

The state of being barred from one’s native country, typically for political or punitive reasons.

It’s a fate, as I learned on my recent visit to Italy, that may not be so bad. That is, if you’re Napoleon on Elba Island. This is exile in style.

DSC_0925DSC_0929DSC_0880 DSC_0887 DSC_0867 DSC_0908 DSC_0893In reverse order:

While inside Napoleon’s Egyptian-inspired room, the tour guide informed us, its purpose (beyond the decorative element) was to remind Napoleon of better times. He was, after all, in exile.

Above, this seductive sculpture was modeled after Napoleon’s sister. As our guide told us, he didn’t like that she was topless.

Photographing the expanse of architecture that leads to Napoleon’s actual lair. Some of the buildings surrounding his hideout were not finished until after Napoleon’s time in Elba Island. In reality, he was only there for 10 months.

Shameless selfie? Perhaps. Standing in front of Napoleon’s mirror and envisioning a powerful future. Next year marks the 200th anniversary since Napoleon’s arrival and almost immediate departure.

The view overlooking the bay, shot from Napoleon’s home in exile. Today’s outlook may call that a charmed fate.

This woman cooks. She’s also met Mick Jagger. You can find evidence of both at her small stand, which is adorned with strands of garlic and kitchen kitsch. She seems to be Elba Island’s modern day legend.

Walking up to Napoleon’s laudable hideout only to be swarmed by bees, I believe. The busy insect became the symbol of Elba Island, one which was given by Napoleon.

You can see more of Elba Island and Napoleon’s lair, including Elba Island’s flag, on my new Instagram account! Find me at akfrisky. Let’s become friends.

DSC_0852Would you like to live on an island? Or would you feel tramped like Napoleon?

I like the fantasy of spending a year on an island, though admittedly I’d prefer if it didn’t come with the defining word of remote.


10 thoughts on “Esilio in Italian, the fate of Napoleon on Elba Island

  1. this so cool. I would like to live on an island for a year since i don’t have plans like the great man to command and conquer. I am so much loving your posts.

    • I’m currently living next to the Mediterranean (though not on an island) in Turkey, and the mentality to live and let live is always more evident by the sea!

      • When you get there, you’ll never want to leave! I’m from the middle of America and I feel that way each time I glimpse any body of water.

      • I recently read Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea, it was kind of dull at the beginning but when the book starts to kick in you’d want to be there with the character the whole time, to get that fish and experience the sublime force of sea. I envy you very much. 🙂

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