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How to drink coffee (espresso) like an Italian

DSC_0023409018_2727730990647_322531711_nThe first time I visited Italy, I learned little Italian but two words, due cappucini.

I was traveling with a friend on the usual itinerary, (Roma, Firenze, Milano), and my survival Italian, if you will, reflected my motives.I was in Italy, I would drink a cappuccino, or 4, everyday. Judge me not.


DSC_1269One year later I realized I was doing it all wrong.

A cappuccino after 1? How could you?” asked my Italian dinner mate.

We were overlooking a glowing bay as the sun was setting. As I delighted in my pasta with its complementing octopus, I was reveling in all things Italian. Cappuncinos naturally came up.

My dinner mate reiterated. An Italian would never do that; a cappuccino is only reserved for the morning. Her reasoning, there’s too much milk in a cappuccino to be served later in the day.


But tiramisu with cappuccino? I asked. (Undoubtably an inquisition that failed to hide my disappointment.)

The unvarying answer, no. Espresso though, they reassured me, is always fitting and delicious.


The last two photos are a small tease from my trip to Tuscany! There were copious cups of espresso, and for me, even a few (too many) morning cappuccinos.

I’m curious. Like me, do you like cappuccinos at any hour of the day or are you a purist like the Italians? I’ll admit, here in Madrid, I prefer to order “un cappuccino” whenever I can! And unlike an Italian, I occasionally upgrade to the American-style grande. However, my three days in Tuscany did enlighten me. The quality of Italian espresso truly is supreme.


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