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Home is where the corn grows tall

I’m back home in Iowa! Oddly enough, the culture shock isn’t mind-shattering. In fact, I hardly had jet lag, just a momentary daze when I saw a man my age wearing a backward baseball cap. After I blinked twice and shook it off for something very normal here, I bounced back with a pint of local craft beer. Welcome home!


What else have I been doing? Making foreign stuff, like this dish of delicious paella above, and talking with a weird accent. The accent, which is noted by all, is commented upon by few–the brazen. “How long have you been in America? Not long, huh.”

I’ve also been appreciating the simple things in life, which for me means the graceful scenery that I once took for granted while growing up in the Loess Hills of Iowa. Which all sounds great, until I go for a scenic run through the countryside (in full hopes of amping that appreciation) and I hear gun shots ring through the surrounding forest and fields. Then, I retreat and note to myself: I am out of shape; I’m happy I didn’t have to run those hills today, but boy was it pretty– until I frankly feared getting shot down unintentionally. (A very unlikely reality, I know.)

Yep, home is where the (inedible) corn grows tall, and my sister allows me to photograph her in the golden sun before we all go, once again, in different directions around the world.

To see more photos, click this link HERE! 

DSC_0478-2 DSC_0398-2


6 thoughts on “Home is where the corn grows tall

  1. Very nice images. There is something magical about returning home and seeing old and familiar things in a totally new light. That’s how I understood the visual poetry of the corn field – illuminated and made unique by the golden light.

    Thanks for sharing this. It inspired me.

    (Oh, and the Paella looks delicious, too 😉 )

    • Thanks for reading! You’re exactly right, there is something wonderfully magical about returning home to see things differently. I’m happy I helped inspire you, too. 😉

  2. Aw lovely photographs! I’m glad you’re enjoying home. I’ll probably get some of the same kind of comments upon my return in December, and I am also not looking forward to backward baseball caps. They’re just too ugly.

    • Thank you! As for backward baseball caps, I just never realized it before! It’s funny how random, small things pop to your attention when you return. Enjoy home in December; I wish I was going to be home for the holidays!

  3. To echo the thoughts of the previous poster, one of the greatest rewards of living abroad is the new lens it gives me on things I once thought familiar. Enjoy your time in Iowa!

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