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Grab your glass, it’s Wine Wednesday


As you may or may not know, I was recently in Greece. Lucky me, I know! And while there, I filled my days with Santorini’s best product: wine. If you want to photo gaze (it’s hump day!), or learn more about Greek wine, go HERE! P.S. Did anyone else know that Santorini is one of the oldest producers of wine on Earth? Or that they use vines shaped like baskets? I was blown away.

For one more wine-related story, go to Epicure & Culture, where I wrote a story about a Greek-heritage village in Turkey, and its altered tradition of wine-making. Kiwi fruit wine, anyone?


The photos are both from Santorini, but the one just above, specifically, is from one such winery I visited while there. It’s a photo I’m now staring at and thinking: why can’t I teleport myself right now? #HarryPotterNerd

Have you visited Santorini? Did you take any tours? Or, if you haven’t visited, would you do a tour? I highly recommend the Santorini Wine Adventure tour I joined! Previously, I wasn’t one for tours, but they’ve changed so much in the past five years! After my trip to Santorini, I now consider myself a convert. Of course, I also must add: not all tours are created equally. Do your research.


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