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Silence. Answers. And a Change.

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The Chaqchao family.

If you were a regular reader here before, you may be curious, why the sudden silence despite my enviable location in South America? If so, it’s an understandable one. Despite the stories that could be, I’ve felt consumed by other duties.


Chaqchao’s organic chocolate bars. Naturally Pure Chocolate.

Over the past few months, I’ve applied for a Masters program in London (and was recently accepted!). I also switched jobs, which means my chapter as an English language teacher is thankfully over. Instead, I’m in charge of the marketing responsibilities for a local organic chocolate shop and cafe. It’s exactly where I want to be. However, while all my creative energy is being thrown at this chocolate shop, it means that I’ve neglected this spot. My blog, my stories of discovery, and all you.

I’ve recently realized, too, my previous position as an English teacher worked well with writing. While in Spain and China, I had three day weekends, almost every weekend. Travel was easy. Travel was expected. And as the wanderlust addict I am, travel will continue in the future, it’s already planned.


Peruvian cacao in Chaqchao.

After my time in Peru, I’m going to make my way through Bolivia. Imagine Bolivia’s vast salt flats, a lake colored red, Andean highlands, Amazonian jungles, and undoubtably more. Plus, as I work with cacao and chocolate now, I’m already researching a cacao farm to visit in Peru, too. I want to learn more about chocolate from bark to bar.

Until then, you can learn more about bean-to-bar chocolate via the blog I’ve started for the local chocolate shop, Chaqchao. Most recently, I’ve written about the Peruvian cacao difference. Think cinnamon, dried fruits, and floral notes.

Moreover, since my storage limit has reached 99% here, if I do post picture updates, or thoughts on my newest ceviche discovery, you’ll find those at my Squarespace blog here.

I hope 2014 has been wonderful for all of you! If any of you are traveling to Arequipa, let me know! Chaqchao will soon be doing bean-to-bar chocolate making workshops and I’d love to teach you personally about the pure chocolate difference!


View of Arequipa at night from Chaqchao’s balcony.


4 thoughts on “Silence. Answers. And a Change.

  1. Very exciting changes ahead! And completely agreed with you on the teaching – I find it hard to leave my comfortable job with awesome vacation time and more than enough pay for the necessities, travel and a car. I have turned down two jobs in the past two months because of this! I realize I’m putting the limits on myself, but also leaving the door open for writing possibilities. Suerte!!

    • Exactly! Plus, after a day of teaching, writing feels like a great release. Rather than another to-do item, as it has here! Plus, it’s so easy to move around Spain. Peru, due to infrastructure, is just not there yet. If I want to visit the deepest canyon in the world, located nearby, it’s a harrowing 11 hour bus ride. I’ll do it, but not until I leave this job and actually have the time! Good luck with all over in Spain!

  2. Congratulations on the Master’s Program and for the new job! that’s great. I can relate about teaching being great for writing but now that I’m in transition, I find less time for writing, despite all the whirly writing that goes on in my head!
    Sounds like you have a lot of great travel plans ahead! enjoy!

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