Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 2.18.42 PMI’ve moved! You can now find my portfolio, photographic galleries, and travel musings (i.e. blog)  at nomadicventuresmedia.com.

Come visit me!


I do things with words, images, and someday, sound.

Currently between countries and homes, I’m spending my summer flitting between Turkey and the Greek isles in pursuit of work exchanges. Born in America, I’ve since developed an affinity for the life of a modern nomad. I write about offbeat travel experiences, foodie discoveries and the rapture of nature here at Cut the Kitsch.

Some consistent trends you’ll see here: unusual odysseys, notes from abroad, foodie diaries, superfluous photography, and all sorts of odes to Spain (& its wine, too).

Want more?

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Anna, I saw on another blog that you’re moving on from Spain to Peru? I am considering South America after Spain also. I’m starting the NALCA program this year, in Úbeda! I was wondering: are you entering a program in Peru? Or will you look for work on your own? What are you doing for a visa / work permit? Thanks!

  2. A loveloy blog you have! Espacially the pictures! So beautiful! I hope you’re not shutting down this blog now that you have a new website! 🙂 Def. following your adventures!

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