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On Santiago’s Way in León, Spain

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Wine, candy floss, enchanting buildings and seashells.

León, Spain, is just one beautiful Spanish city along the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Go visit it!

Tip: Visit the Barrio Humedo and try the saucy blue cheese patatas, drink a copa of local wine (Tierra de León) and find a seat with a view of the cathedral, Santa María de León, at sunset.


11 thoughts on “On Santiago’s Way in León, Spain

    • It is! You can also see the “Picos de Europa” from one of bridges, conveniently located near the bus station. I really recommend it for a great (& cheap!) escape away from Spain’s larger cities. Also, if you want to follow Gaudi’s influence, you can check out nearby Astorga. He designed a palace there, but it’s additionally noteworthy because it’s also on el camino!

  1. I studied abroad in León and have a special love for the city. It’s often overlooked, but your photos send it to center stage. Glad to hear you had a good time there!

    P.S. The Humedo is awesome, indeed 😉

    • Wow! What kind of lens do you use? Your photo of the cathedral is amazing! I also really like the one with the color bursts. Where is it? You’ve got a great eye!

  2. I use my super wide an awful lot: 10-20mm, usually at the 10mm end. The cathedral shot has had an additional bit of post processing in gimp, to straighten it up the way an old-fashioned shift lens would have done. At the side of the cathedral there’s a cloister you can visit and when I did there was a brightly coloured plastic pavilion in the middle of it.Thanks!

    • It’s a great effect! I have a Nikon D90, which has a cropped sensor so I really need to invest in a wide angle lens. The results are always amazing.

      As to your second note, evidently, I need to investigate more!

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