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Popping In from Baklava land

Hi! I’ve been negligent this past week, but not without reason. I’ve been traveling through Southeast Turkey during the end of the month-long Ramadan holiday.

If I can simplify this to one sentence, I’ll say it immensely piqued my interest in the Middle East. Until a proper post, here’s an arbitrary 7 photo blog tease. Enjoy!


Observing the life force of the Euphrates River in Halfeti.


The reward of my food quest in the baklava mecca of Antep, I did not eat all of these sweet, syrupy rectangles while there. (But I did wish to.)


Entering into an ancient church in the midst of a mosque studded land.


Looking giant-sized in front of the most beautiful post office-turned-museum in ancient Mardin.


The Euphrates River giving more life, albeit with a surprisingly chilly bite.


Mountain Nemrut and its unique glory before sunrise.


Smiling broadly as the sun finally shines upon the sierra and the mountain’s ancient 1st century B.C. tombs. Southeast Turkey, you stole my heart. 

Locations sighted: Antep, Halfeti, Mardin, Mountain Nemrut, and Urfa (though not pictured just yet).

Have you traveled to Southeast Turkey? If you’re heading East, I’d highly recommend penciling it into your itinerary. I sincerely consider it a traveling highlight of my four years on the road. Expect more about why later!


2 thoughts on “Popping In from Baklava land

    • Honestly, if I were to revisit Turkey right now, I’d head straight back to the Southeast! It has such an energy and warmth that is replicated elsewhere in Turkey, but fails to equal what you feel when you go here! I was treated with an unprecedented welcome here, especially as a solo female traveler.

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